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I Am…

I am a writer
my tools are letters,
twenty-six in all,
punctuation marks,
points, question
marks, commas,
colons, periods,
semi colons, etc, etc.
nouns, verbs,
adjectives that
define my passion
I am a writer
a tree is not merely
a tree to me, it is
a living example
of resilience, rooted
deep, teaching me
to bend, to reach,
to let go, pulp
for pages to write
upon, teaching
me about grace,
I am a writer
words matter, their
placement on blank
pages and digital
screens, each meter
rhythm, alliteration,
refrain and rhyme are
deliberately placed
keystroke after
keystroke, poetry,
flash, prose…
note to self…
I am a writer


For Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt: “Inspiration Talk”

Monday Affirmations with the Muse

i can hope in dreams,
in love and peace and
better days to come…
believing gives me
the power to overcome
every obstacle


Magnetic Poetry Online – Love Kit

Affirmation – Monday Magnets


you were born dazzling
as the stars on moonless nights,
wild as the ocean, brilliant as
flowers blushed with color;
your breath is a kiss of eternity,
breezy, slow, lingering…

so never let anyone say you
are broken…it is a lie

remember you are magic,
dancing to the rhythm of
the universe…poetry in motion

Magnetic Poetry Online (The Poet Kit)

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