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writer’s block

writer’s block

I could say I have no words;
that the Muse is hiding,
or that I have nothing to say, but

I would be lying

I have words, so many words
vacillating from incredulous disbelief
to zealous commitment, to truth, to rage
oh, I have words

words that keep me up at night
words that rip my soul to shreds
words that, if I dared utter them out loud
would assure you that
I have completely lost my mind
even while, as they settle in your gut,
you find resonance with them...

it's just words after all

I wonder sometimes if it’s best
to embrace the silence or blurt it out,
the raw pain, the fear, the exhaustion, the sorrow
to scream, to whisper in primal tones
to the air, to the sky, to the gods
to whoever might listen

it may just be me thinking out loud, but
I imagine that saying what everyone is
afraid to say, might actually make us all
a little less lonely
and even pave the way to healing

ah…the irony, the brilliance!
cutting words wielded
to incise the poison
festering in us all

~I am still kat



dearest muse
you’ve been so silent
fill my head with sweet nothings
to pour on the page

dearest kat
you’ve been too busy
there is no room in your head
the page, left wanting

Still playing catch up. Today’s letters give a clue as to why! For NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 11 Prompt: Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a two-part poem, in the form of an exchange of letters. The first stanza (or part) should be in the form of a letter that you write either to yourself or to a famous fictional or historical person. The second part should be the letter you receive in response. These can be as short or long as you like, in the form of prose poems, or with line breaks – and of course, the subject matter of the letters is totally up to you.

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse -21 February 2016

Happy Sunday! Well, what to make of this week, and this week’s reVerse? I was almost stumped by several challenges this week, (a tinge of writer’s block?) but I eventually pulled them off.

It takes discipline and determination to write on a consistent basis. The nice thing about writing challenges and prompts are that they force one to get the words out of one’s head and onto the page.

Writing is very much like labor. A process that takes time and requires a bit of pushing (in the form of prompts and challenges). But when I am most stuck in that process I do trust that the words are there waiting to be found and given life in verse.

The words are there.

I just need to be patient and surrender to the process. Happy surrendering to you then. May the coming week be full of new life and revelations of wonder!

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse -21 February 2016

What? Just like that? Wow!
Winter is having the final word!!!
She didn’t feel anything, except relief
we’ve received reports of a re-entry error
But he vowed he would quit
roots burrowed deep
In that moment we realized we are one.
implied survival.
And yes I generally wake up happy
Starting with a Bang!
promising delights.

~ kat

Who’s a Writer? Me! That’s Who!

My Blogging 101 Assignment is to write a post that builds on one of the comments I was inspired to make on a neighbor’s blog.  I would like to thank Kirsty Hamilton for inspiring me on her post: Too Much Coffee on her blog, The Novel in Her Head.

It was a delightful read and touched on a subject that I think all of us who blog can relate to. It is true, I may not become a poet laureate or win a Pulitzer prize for word craft, but that doesn’t mean that I am not a writer.  As I commented on Kirsty’s blog:

“I write…therefore I am a Writer…sometimes I have to introduce myself to myself out loud to overcome the insecurities I’m feeling.

Stand up straight, look at the air straight between the eyes…”Hello, my name is Kat…and I am a writer.” It’s a pleasure to know you, I mean me…well you know…😜 and I am suddenly back on track and ready to tackle that blank page!”

I am reminded of another time, when my writing focused on creating songs and performing them to crowds of two or three…and on a good night 20 or more…in the nooks and hollows of rural Virginia.  I remember lamenting then, that I might never land a record deal or find myself nominated for a Grammy, but that did not stop me from writing. As long as there was one person who listened, and was even moved by my songs, my efforts were not in vain. Back then I realized that I was like a honey bee flitting from flower to flower.  Only a few will rise to the level of the celestial orbs…the sun, moon and the “stars”…but we, honey bees have an important job to do.

I am grateful that this memory was sparked by Kirsty’s blog post. I have had my moments. Those choking motivation creepers that having me wondering how I ever had the audacity to think I should start a blog. I take solace in the fact that even the most brilliant writers here in our little neighborhood sometimes have doubts too.

Should we just give it up and save ourselves the effort?  That question’s only answer for me is a resounding NO!  I’ll take my 2 or 3 likes and the occasional comment on a particular post as my confirmation that I need to keep writing…not just for me, but for the flowers. Yes that means you, you sweet readers out there!  Because, oh by the way…I am a writer and I have something to say and an important job to do. 🙂

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