writer’s block

writer’s block

I could say I have no words;
that the Muse is hiding,
or that I have nothing to say, but

I would be lying

I have words, so many words
vacillating from incredulous disbelief
to zealous commitment, to truth, to rage
oh, I have words

words that keep me up at night
words that rip my soul to shreds
words that, if I dared utter them out loud
would assure you that
I have completely lost my mind
even while, as they settle in your gut,
you find resonance with them...

it's just words after all

I wonder sometimes if it’s best
to embrace the silence or blurt it out,
the raw pain, the fear, the exhaustion, the sorrow
to scream, to whisper in primal tones
to the air, to the sky, to the gods
to whoever might listen

it may just be me thinking out loud, but
I imagine that saying what everyone is
afraid to say, might actually make us all
a little less lonely
and even pave the way to healing

ah…the irony, the brilliance!
cutting words wielded
to incise the poison
festering in us all

~I am still kat

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