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Sunday’s Week in ReVerse -21 February 2016

Happy Sunday! Well, what to make of this week, and this week’s reVerse? I was almost stumped by several challenges this week, (a tinge of writer’s block?) but I eventually pulled them off.

It takes discipline and determination to write on a consistent basis. The nice thing about writing challenges and prompts are that they force one to get the words out of one’s head and onto the page.

Writing is very much like labor. A process that takes time and requires a bit of pushing (in the form of prompts and challenges). But when I am most stuck in that process I do trust that the words are there waiting to be found and given life in verse.

The words are there.

I just need to be patient and surrender to the process. Happy surrendering to you then. May the coming week be full of new life and revelations of wonder!

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse -21 February 2016

What? Just like that? Wow!
Winter is having the final word!!!
She didn’t feel anything, except relief
we’ve received reports of a re-entry error
But he vowed he would quit
roots burrowed deep
In that moment we realized we are one.
implied survival.
And yes I generally wake up happy
Starting with a Bang!
promising delights.

~ kat

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