no peace

no peace

people were asleep
when tragedy erupted
no rest to be found

for the woke, yet another cause
to engage the masses, stir hearts
invite others to do their part
the irony of it not lost
on those who paid the heavy cost
misfortune used by profiteers
will fill their pockets spreading fear
so champions with motives pure
are swallowed in the noise, obscured
the reason for their angst, not clear

let them take the streets
break out the crazies near and far
to disturb the peace


For Ronovan’s Challenges this week, a few Haiku, prompt words Comfort & Erupt, and a Décima, prompt word Cause - A-Line Rhyme. 
1. There are 10 lines of poetry that rhyme.
2. 8 syllables per line.
3. There is a SET RHYMING PATTERN we must stick to. ABBAACCDDC OR two stanzas of ABBA/ACCDDC.

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