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little tree

take care, what you wish for
little tree; don’t rush to blush
amidst midsummer’s balmy
haze, for summer comes but
once a season; take your cue from
elder trees, their lavish manes
of sparkling emerald, chartreuse
and sage, wisdom comes from
weathering life’s cycles, grace and
age, and autumn, with her cool dawn
snap will be here soon enough
you’ll see; so entertain the breeze
and dance, while dusk holds back
the shade of night, your dreams
will keep, they’re never late,
but lie in wait until the time
is right…oh little tree stay green,
let your sprouting limbs grow strong
stretch your roots into the loam
that holds the memories of home
in just a blink your innocence
will be laid bare, as winter’s
snow becomes your hair, the night
will wrap you tight and long and
you will wonder where time’s gone,
and think about the summers passed,
while drifting off to sleep


AltReality Woes


if only we had
as much enthusiasm
for intelligence
as for beauty and power…
wisdom’s an uncommon thing


A Tanka for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge using synonyms only for the words, Energy: power, enthusiasm and Knowledge: intelligence, wisdom.

Wisdom Silenced

“With all their ancient faces like rain-beaten stones,”—W.B. Yeats


Photo from Pixabay.com – Free Photos

wisdom is silenced behind sterile walls
while entertaining the reaper’s minions
attended by strangers with vapid intentions
sedated, benumbed by cruel inattention

wisdom is hidden ‘neath thin sheets of flesh
draped loosely on frames of sinew and bone
dull synapsed grey matter turning slowly to stone
pebbles of acumen dribbled softly in moans

wisdom remembers the lessons of youth
often repeating her tales of the past
the din of tweets twittering, rife media blasts
soon drown out her treasure, precious pearls vainly cast

wisdom is lingering, time’s running short
fools claim she’s crazy; that they can’t relate
in fluorescent lit hallways she patiently waits
one day they might miss her, but it will be too late

For Jane Dougherty’s “A Month with Yeats” poetry challenge – Day 3. I don’t know what poetry form this is…rhyme scheme abbb-cddd-efff-ghhh, syllable count: 10-10-12-12, but it worked for my thoughts today. It was such an interesting quote to ponder as I sipped my jasmine tea. 🙂


Universal Synchronicity

My fortune cookie this afternoon…

Okay Universe…you have my attention! ❤️

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