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Sunrise Sunset – Photo Challenge

For the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge this week, a few photos of sunrise and sunset from my corner of the world. While I rise every day before dawn, I am rarely outside to capture the sunrise. The best I can do is this spectacular view on my drive to work and the view through my windshield (captured on my iPhone).


Working dawn to dusk certainly has its perks when it comes to the ambience of the fiery sky at sunset. Especially in Winter, I am often blown away by the beauty that greets me when I head for my car after work. On this particular December day, several of us were stopped in our tracks by a sunset that lit the sky red in various hues over the course of a few minutes. Fortunately, I had my iPhone on me and captured a few shots. You don’t see a sky like this every day.


and just a few minutes later as the sun faded over the mountains…this…


It occurs to me that sunrises and sunsets are only spectacular through the prism of clouds. There’s a message in that thought somewhere. I’m going to think on that for a while. 🙂

April Poetry Month – A Poem a Day #23

Happy Saturday! I hope you had a wonderful day. Today I am going to try a short like three line poem called the Than-Bauk. It often expresses a witty saying or epigram (Epigrams are also associated with humor or a memorable statement. Early epigrams were used by the Greek in memory of a deceased loved one.)

The Than-Bauk is a three line “climbing rhyme” poem of Burmese origin. Each line has four syllables . The rhyme is on the fourth syllable of the first line, the third syllable of the second line, and the second syllable of the third line.

In Memory of the Sun

At dusk the sun’s
waning runs red
soon comes the night.

kat ~ 23 April 2016

Echoes of my Neighborhood

Happy Thursday! Next to trees, I love clouds. White clouds, storm clouds, sunrise, sunset…and the sun shining through them is spectacular. They stir my imagination. They inspire me.

Today is a gray, overcast sort of day, so I pulled out some of my favorite sunshiny, blue sky cloud photos (I had so many it was hard to choose!) And I would like to share them with you. Hope these little snap shots of the sky above my head is an inspiration to you wherever you are. 🙂

This post is in response to Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha at acookingpotandtwistedtales.com. If you would like to see other “neighborhoods” from around the globe, click HERE.

I call this little montage, Cloud 9 🙂


Sun Lantern

waning flush
diurnal dance

28 February 2016

Echoes of my Neighbourhood

Happy Thursday! With all the chilly weather I have barely made it out my front door for weeks. Except, of course, to head to work and back (gotta pay for that front door!) So I decided since the title of this challenge is Echoes of my Neighbourhood I could share a bit of my drive to the office with you.

This is me and my sleeping buddy…yes it’s Maxwell…and yes I generally wake up happy…much to the chagrin of my housemate who needs coffee before she’s able to deal with the world! 😊

The front step of my house and the audacious little weeds that thrive in concrete and inclement weather! Love those guys! They inspire me!

Heading downtown now…

And then about 5 miles West to the industrial park where I work…but not before passing the Chinese Buffet. Good place for lunch btw! 😊

…and a few more stop lights and we are here…

One last look at the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain Range…

…and another day begins!

Until it’s time to go home to this! ☺️


See other Neighborhoods at my friend Jacqueline’s blog, “a cooking pot and twisted tales” echoes…😊

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