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Blink – A Haiku

it’s just a quick blink
life in its magnificence
played out in moments


For Haiku Horizons’ Challenge, Prompt Word: Blink.

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Photo from pixabay.com

I once caught the eye
Of a spider passing by
’twas me who blinked first.

kat ~ 22 February 2016

For Haiku Horizon’s Weekly challenge. The prompt is: Spider.
I am terrified yet fascinated by these amazing creatures! Read other haiku ir enter your own HERE.


I am fascinated by the assymetrical properties of the face. Studies have shown that we instinctively look at the right hemisphere of each other’s faces to perceive emotions. This phenomenon, known as left gaze bias, is not just a human trait, but a behavior shared by animals as well. To read someone’s face is not necessarily a conscious thing that we do…it happens quite naturally, no doubt aiding our intuition. A reminder to trust my own.

An Update:

Several of you have commented on this amazing phenomenon. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia’s article on Animal Emotions:

Psychology research has shown that when humans gaze at the face of another human, the gaze is not symmetrical; the gaze instinctively moves to the right side of the face to obtain information about their emotions and state. Research at the University of Lincoln shows that dogs share this instinct when meeting a human, and only when meeting a human (i.e., not other animals or other dogs). They are the only non-primate species known to share this instinct.[66][67]

…and a humorous note…I have long had difficulty telling my left from my right. That would explain how quite honestly I mistook “left gaze bias” for a propensity to gaze at the “left” side of the face. In fact, emotions are ruled by our left brains which in turn displays those emotions on the RIGHT sides of our faces. It all makes sense. We gaze left to view the right side of someone’s face…duh. That’s why I write poetry and leave logical thought to the mathematicians and scientists. Spock I am not! I’m more of a Yoda. 🙂 I did feel compelled to correct the poem though. Now it’s all good! 🙂

dark side
of one’s face,
right hemisphere,
reveals full-on
emotion unveiled,
informing intuition
through aeonian instincts
hard-wired to perceive…
survival in play
a reminder…
don’t let them
see you

kat ~ 18 January 2016
(An ascending/descending Septet)


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