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For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. Inspired by his photo of this 19th century porcelain potpourri vase. Prompt Words: Flower and Simply

simply scentless art
flowers of porcelain clay
untouched by seasons


Chaos in Flux

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge based on this painting by Delaunay at The Museum of Modern Art in Paris, and the words earth and whirlwind.

whirlwinds and tempests
chaos rages, earth in flux
nature can’t be tamed


Castle Keep

tower oriel

offering but a glimpse inside

captive souls her keep


For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge, prompt words, window (oriel) and heart (soul), inspired by TJ’s photo above.

Optical Illusion – A Haiku

I found this week’s photo prompt by TJ for his Household Haiku Challenge a bit perplexing. Blame it on my astigmatism! I stared long and hard trying to decide whether I was looking down at a reflective pool or through a rocky portal…hence my chaotic little out-of order Haiku. What do you see, now that I’ve planted that perspective in your head? Things are not always what they seem! 😉 This week’s prompt words with the synonyms I used for this week’s Haiku in parentheses are Chaos (muddle) & Order (tranquil).

Photo of the Rock pools on the coast of St Malo, Brittany, by TJ Paris

tranquil tidal pools
or glimpse through Valhalla’s loam
muddling puddles



Life in Boxes


Versailles Orangerie – Photo by TJ Paris

roots never mingling
these solitary gardens
know not frost’s cool kiss


For TJ’s weekly Household Haiku Challenge, inspired by his wonderful photo of the Versailles Orangerie and using the prompt words: Garden & One (solitary).

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