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October 13-31 Poem #16

a thought for a penny, no more, gets what you pay for


October 13-31 Poem #13

Autumn dawning hush, jasmine flush gilds Gaia’s awning.


October 13-31 Poem #12

tempest remnants scatter in heaps…we sow what we reap


October 13-31 Poem #11

speaking of it…the weather…we’re a bit under it


True story….730 miles from landfall, Michael, now a tropical storm, continues to wreak havoc here in the Blue Ridge valley. We had a deluge of rain in a matter of hours, with catastrophic flooding sweeping through our neighborhoods, rivers and creeks rising. And as a special surprise, when I arrived home from work, the ceiling in our mud room had fallen in. Things could be worse. They could always be worse. I think about the joy I felt as I left the office…the air was cool and there was a wind blowing. I love the wind. We need to savor the good moments. Things can change in an instant.

October 13-31 Poem #10

enough, enough I say of this rain, rain go away


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