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Brain Cleanse – A Haiku

in these trying times
immerse in things beautiful…
zen for gray matter


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Prompt Words: brain (gray matter) & cleanse (immerse).


to survive in life
the crazy ups and the downs
it helps to be woke


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, prompt words, woke & up.

Old Days – A Haiku

it’s backwards you know
referencing days past as old
as if days could age


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge prompt words: old & days.

Geese in a Row

ducks and geesse

Photo from Pinterest – Ducks and Geese in a Row

gathering gaggle
of honking geese, waddling
odd ducks in a row


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, word prompts: Chance (odd) & Unite (gathering).

child safe – a haiku


A mural in Tecate, Mexico, sits just beyond a border structure Friday, Sept. 8, 2017, seen from Tecate, Calif. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

who will keep them safe
defenseless children, orphaned
ransom for a wall


Well I can’t help but think the timely prompt words for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge were asking for this. How can I not write about the children. They are always on my mind, and will continue to be until they are reunited with their parents and we end this horrible nightmare.

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