our heroes

our heroes

if you survived this long, long year
emerged this decade, deeply touched
by global heartache, death and such,
if you faced every day past fear
to rise above, a kinder soul
who cared for others, paid the toll,
then you’ve a right to have a bash
to celebrate, to breathe at last,
to take your place as our heroes

full cold moon on ice
shifting dark of night to light
hope for the future


A combo Décima/Haiku for Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge and Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge.
The Décima Prompt word BASH – D Line Rhyme: 

  1. There are 10 lines of poetry that rhyme.
  2. 8 syllables per line.
  3. There is a SET RHYMING PATTERN we must stick to. ABBAACCDDC OR  two stanzas of ABBA/ACCDDC.

Haiku Challenge Prompt words with Synonyms: Bound – on ice; Sway – shift

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