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frosted spring

frosted spring

it was a warm breeze that
fooled me into thinking
it was spring…how I
celebrated her first blush;
wild flowers dancing in
a velvet ocean of green, but
I was overcome with
fever; it was all a lie…
morning’s icy breath lingered
too long and the dazzle died


Magnetic Poetry Online (Poet Kit)

Frost on my Windshield – a Cherita

vision obscured

ice frosted

diffused light
driving blind


Cold Spring – Magnetic Poetry Monday 

dawn rustles beneath
a blanket of cold,
blooms lightly frosted,
spring is doing
things her way


Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit

Magnetic Poetry Saturday – 18 February 2017

when spring follows winter
too soon with greening and
beautiful rose and daffodil blooms
nature secretly longs
for one more frosting

~kat – 18 February 2017
(Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit)

On The Cusp of Spring

buds bloom
on the cusp
as winter looms
a stubborn squatter with a frosty bite

~kat – 13 February 2017
(A Tetractys)

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