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Taking Time to Smell the Roses

No poetic words today, but did take some time to take in the yard outside my door. It’s the little things you know! 😉❤️🌺❤️ Have a lovely weekend!

March Pi-Archimedes #18


they’re back again
beautiful narcissus, daffadowndillies, jonquils,
by any other name smell
awful…maybe it’s just me…I think they stink!

~kat 😷

Turns out, it is just me! Daffodils and they’re cousins are actually a lot like cilantro. Some people find them quite fragrant. Me, not so much. Daffodils nor cilantro! I’ll pass on both!!!! 🤣

The Pi-Archimedes verse is:
○ a hexastich, a poem in 6 lines.
○ measured by the number of words in each line 3-1-4-1-5-9 to match the numerical sequence of the first six digits of Pi.
○ unrhymed.

Forget Me

Please don’t bring me flowers
they won’t help me forget
they only bring sadness

you’d like me to forget
how you caused this sadness
love fades like plucked flowers

ripped from their roots, sadness
crushes lifeless flowers
of course they can’t forget

So take your dead flowers, forget me and leave me to my sadness.

kat ~ 9 September 2016

This is in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge, to write a Tritina based on this gloomy painting. Jane suggested that we choose three words before starting our poem after looking at the painting. These are the words I chose:
1. Flowers
2. Forget
3. Sadness

Echoes of my Neighborhood

Well, it’s almost Thursday. I’ll post a link to our hostess Jacqueline’s blog once she posts her echoes. I was just really excited about this one. Been working on it all week.

This week I set my little phone camera into macro mode for a micro view of my bloomin’ front yard. I am sure my faerie had something to do with it (The one who tossed herself under the birdbath and busted her head to free herself from life as a yard ornament? But that’s another story…a limerick to be exact. You can read about her HERE!)

Wow! When I digress, I really digress! Back to my micro garden. Mmmm…come to think of it, if I were a faerie…it might look something like this!

And there are also a few critters who came out for the photo shoot. A caterpillar and a baby mantis. Very good fortune indeed!

Have a great week! 🌸

UPDATE: And here is a link to Jacqueline’s blog, A cooking Pot and Twisted Tales. Click HERE to check out some of the other neighborhoods!

Echoes of my Neighborhood

Happy Thursday! Last week I shared the beginning buds of greenery in my neighborhood. This week I am sharing some of the first blooms in my humble garden. I do not have a green thumb, so any flowers that do manage to show up are miracles to me. Aside from the flowering weeds that I love until they overtake my lawn, I am fortunate to be blessed by a few more cultivated friends, perennials who visit me every year around this time. And so without further adieu, I give you this week’s installment…First Blooms!


Creeping Phlox


First few Roses of the season, dew still clinging to the leaves!


…And the other one that found hidden in the back of the bush. I wish I had smell-o-vision so you could enjoy not only their beauty in appearance but their wonderful fragrance as well! 🙂

See other “neighbourhoods” or submit snapshots of your own corner of the world at a cooking pot and twisted tales. Thanks to Jacqueline for hosting this fun challenge!


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