Echoes of my Neighborhood

Well, it’s almost Thursday. I’ll post a link to our hostess Jacqueline’s blog once she posts her echoes. I was just really excited about this one. Been working on it all week.

This week I set my little phone camera into macro mode for a micro view of my bloomin’ front yard. I am sure my faerie had something to do with it (The one who tossed herself under the birdbath and busted her head to free herself from life as a yard ornament? But that’s another story…a limerick to be exact. You can read about her HERE!)

Wow! When I digress, I really digress! Back to my micro garden. Mmmm…come to think of it, if I were a faerie…it might look something like this!

And there are also a few critters who came out for the photo shoot. A caterpillar and a baby mantis. Very good fortune indeed!

Have a great week! 🌸

UPDATE: And here is a link to Jacqueline’s blog, A cooking Pot and Twisted Tales. Click HERE to check out some of the other neighborhoods!

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