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those seeking control
would keep us quaking in fear
better to dictate
their demands, but here’s a spin…
let’s rollick instead, for spite


A Tanka for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge using synonyms of the prompt words: Command: control, dictate, demand, & Dance: revel, rollick, spin.


‘midst these gilded halls
lovers danced to strings and lutes
their dreams frail as dust

those who dream dance on
promenades of hopeful bliss
though the music ends


For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge inspired by the photo by our host above and the prompt words: Dream & Dance.

A Time to Dance – Magnetic Poetry Monday

o, how i could linger
here listening to you
breathe, but morning
comes to devour the
magic of the night…
remember though…some
days call for dancing


(Magnetic Poetry ~ Poet’s Kit)

Heart Music


Zoe Dancing ~ kat 2016

the dance doesn’t end
when you can’t hear the music
listen to your heart!

kat ~ 30 June 2016

For Haiku Horizon’s Weekly Challenge, prompt: Music.

Flash & Dance Haiku



Painting: Jane Avril Dancing by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

A voyeur is thrilled
when sitting front row center
can-can dancers flash.

kat – 1 March 2016

A Haiku for RonavanWrites weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words: Flash & Dance. If you would like to ready other Haiku or enter your own, click HERE.

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