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February Poem #10

…to the rain

dark clouds brimming, burst
a cascade of droplets flow
sating a world that thirsts
sweetened breezes blow
tender shoots break ground in afterglow


February Poem #9

…to winter blooms

just a kiss of sun
woos them from the frozen ground
persian blue speedwell blossoms
henbits, ruby crowned
braving winter’s nip, new life abounds


February Poem #8

…to the sky

it’s an illusion
alchemy, refracted rays,
prismatic wave diffusion,
molecules at play,
amber dusk vistas, azure by day


February Poem #2

…to a leaf

like a tiny tree
emulating her mother
root to trunk to branches, she
clings through the summer,
green, to blush when autumn kisses her


January Biolet #26

spring’s first ambassadors emerge
dressed in deep cerulean blue
a touch of warmth blooms life anew
as winter shrieks its final dirge
dressed in deep cerulean blue
spring’s first ambassadors emerge


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