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spring dance

spring dance

around me
blushes green


trembles softly
there in the wings
even as frost
blankets the loam


darling daffodils,
peepers and bluebirds
sing your happy songs
winter’s end is near
and spring won’t be long


As busy as I have been this year with work and caretaking, I could not let Pi Day pass without giving a new Pi inspired poetry form a go! It’s called a Cadae and incorporates the first 5 digits (3.1415). See the details below:

There are two styles of Cadae. (I chose the second style for today.)

1. strophic, written in 5 strophes of fixed but varied length.
S1 - 3 lines
S2 - 1 line
S3 - 4 lines
S4 - 1 line
S5 - 5 lines

2. Incorporating a syllabic element to the strophes in style #1.
S1 - 3 lines with 3 syllables per line
S2 - 1 line with 1 syllable in the line
S3 - 4 lines with 4 syllables per line
S4 - 1 line with 1 syllable in the line
S5 - 5 Lines with 5 syllables per line

the forest for the trees

the forest for the trees

I know they’re there
the golden hillside
the mountain vista
the endless blue sky
the sun
my memory
serves me well..
they’re there
but for today
heaven enfolds me
in her cool, damp cocoon
to savor the moment
to breathe, to sigh
to notice the trees
for the forest


daffodils in winter

daffodils in winter

it’s too soon
much too soon
my darling daffodils
to breach the loam
to dare to bloom
much, much too soon

i’m sorry dear, sweet daffodils
the mercury ascended
disguised itself as spring
to lure us from our winter wombs
to prey upon our longing hearts
tomorrow you will feel the sting
as winter rides the ides,
lurks, waiting in the wings
his frosty breath descending
to nip your golden face at dawn

but oh the hope you give my soul
weary from these long, long nights
spring tidings to you for today
may she not tarry long


Naked Legs

I had a good chuckle at this poem by my friend Peter at Peter’s Ponderings, and noticed in the comments that an American might have a difficult try reading it aloud. Being American as well as always up for a good challenge I had to give it a go!

I hope I did your poem justice Peter! All in good fun! Thank you for once again delighting us all with your wit and charm! 😊

See Peter’s post via the link below…and do yourself a favor by perusing his page!

§ I tried my best to record an audio of this poem but ended up with lots of stutters and giggles. Just try reading it aloud and you’ll see why! § I …

Naked Legs

writer’s block

writer’s block

I could say I have no words;
that the Muse is hiding,
or that I have nothing to say, but

I would be lying

I have words, so many words
vacillating from incredulous disbelief
to zealous commitment, to truth, to rage
oh, I have words

words that keep me up at night
words that rip my soul to shreds
words that, if I dared utter them out loud
would assure you that
I have completely lost my mind
even while, as they settle in your gut,
you find resonance with them...

it's just words after all

I wonder sometimes if it’s best
to embrace the silence or blurt it out,
the raw pain, the fear, the exhaustion, the sorrow
to scream, to whisper in primal tones
to the air, to the sky, to the gods
to whoever might listen

it may just be me thinking out loud, but
I imagine that saying what everyone is
afraid to say, might actually make us all
a little less lonely
and even pave the way to healing

ah…the irony, the brilliance!
cutting words wielded
to incise the poison
festering in us all

~I am still kat

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