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Middle-Night Musings

no longer
churn inside my
head, but spill
onto amber-lit
screens, twenty-six
letters arranged in
syllables, cursor
strobing in rhythmic
urgency as if
to say, “More! fill
my longing!” How
can I say
I ever.

kat ~ 28 May 2016

Fard – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku

Today’s word of the day has multiple applications depending on who you ask. Fard as first presented is a noun as well as a verb, originating in the mid 1400’s or so, from the old French term farder, meaning “to apply makeup” or as a word for the makeup itself. An archaic definition is also cited; its meaning, “to gloss over.”

It is a simple, sort of silly sounding word that truly gets interesting when Google is consulted. 

The urban dictionary, for example provides a myriad of definitions ranging from the combination of a certain expletive with the word “hard” (meaning something “very hard”), to the description of crude bodily functions. Most memorable is its application when describing a fart so powerful it vibrates nearby body parts (paraphrased here to avoid utter crudeness!) Think about that when you are applying makeup (aka fard) to your face! 

But we’re not finished. Wikipedia elevates the discussion with a loftier take:

“Fard is an Islamic term which denotes a religious duty commanded by Allah (God). The word is also used in Persian, Turkish, and Urdu (spelled farz) in the same meaning. Muslims who obey such commands or duties are said to receive hasanat, ajr or thawab each time for each good deed.” 

I think it’s safe to assume this application of the word does not include farting!

But there is more! According to another wiki reference, in India a fard is a document that provides revenue details for property. It is not proof of ownership per se, like a deed, but can provide documentation when attempting to establish owenership.

What an interesting little word. To be safe I should probably stick with’s initial definition for my haiku. But I might slip in a few references of its other meanings just to make this challenge FARD!

Fard – A Haiku

A daily practice…
Farding one’s wan face with fard
It’s only skin deep.

kat ~ 27 May 2016


For Sonya”s Three Line Tale Challenge, inspired by this photo.

Photo by Nederland

She is tightly wound
tattered, frayed on the edges,
but never broken.

kat ~ 26 May 2016

Echoes of my Neighborhood

It’s Thursday and time to share some snippets from my world. Thanks to my friend Jacqueline for hosting this weekly invitation: Echoes of my Neighborhood. 

This week I’m thinking trees. I love trees. Yes, I’m a tree hugger. Trees have stories to tell. Happy Thursday then…and do yourself a favor…hug a tree! ❤️

Starting this “tree party” with my latest obsessiion…the Faerie tree. she happens to also be a Dogwood. I love Dogwoods! ❤️

This lovely lady is Magnolia.

This great dame resides in Highland Park. She’s my favorite at the park.

This beauty is near the entrance of my office.

A posthumous remembrance…this lovely Weeping Cherry once graced the roundabout on my street. A derecho took her down.

From my weekend in Savannah.

The next four live along the Creeper Trail in Abington, Virginia

A frosty Fir tree in my neighbor’s yard next to my front porch.

Also my neighbor’s tree…it’s a “bottle tree”! 😊

…and a few blocks away…a stuffed animal tree. it’s proprietor claims she sought to beautify an ugly tall stump by hanging a few stuffed animals on it. over the years…yes years! people have given her more stuffed animals and the rest is history! An attempt to beautify an eyesore has now become one!

…and my own creation…digitally enhanced from my back yard…the tree with a bird shaped leaf in winter.

Lone Journey

A Kyrielle Poem for Jane Dougherty’s Weekly Poetry Challenge using the words: Moonlight, tread, wary, secret, swaying and the photo below as inspiration.

Evening moonlight floods the pathway
swaying trees lean in shadow play
along the treaded road to home
each soul must journey here alone.

Once upon each new life dawning
wary travelers seek belonging
often forgetting what they know
each soul must journey here alone.

Days turn into weeks, months, years
decades spent in joy and in tears
some find life spent, nothing to show
each soul must journey here alone.

Still others with true joie de vivre
have no regrets come time to leave
they know the secret in their bones
each soul must journey here alone.

Soon, too soon life’s final chapter
turns the page to the hereafter
promising peace for all who roam
each soul must journey here alone.

kat ~ 26 May 2016

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