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Tattoos – A Six Word Story

Tattoos hurt! Forever, when they’re botched.


This week’s Six Word Story Challenge from Wonderwall is prompted by the word “tattoo”. Head over HERE to post your own story in the comment section. Then post it on your blog with a link. Have fun!


canvas of flesh singed,
ink blotted, indelible
embedded blood-deep


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge, prompt words, singe & deep.

Um…so yeah…this happened over holiday break. 😜 More ink in a few weeks, color finish.

Tattoo Folly


Old Pete had a hankering for booze
Spending many a night quite confused
But he vowed he would quit
when his wife threw a fit
She was Joan, but his tattoo said Sue!

kat ~ 17 February 2016

A limerick for Rashmi’s of Mind and Life Matters weekly Limerick Challenge. The Prompt Word is “Apsire”. Today I am using the synonym “Hanker”. If you would like to read others Limericks or enter your own click HERE.

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