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Travel – A Six Word Story

Are we there yet?

Not yet.


A Six Word Story for this week’s Six Word Story Challenge hosted by Kirst Writes this week, and Wonderwall.

Tattoos – A Six Word Story

Tattoos hurt! Forever, when they’re botched.


This week’s Six Word Story Challenge from Wonderwall is prompted by the word “tattoo”. Head over HERE to post your own story in the comment section. Then post it on your blog with a link. Have fun!

Expectation – A Six Word Story

This week’s Six Word Story Challenge prompt, presented by Kirst Writes, is “Expectation”. To enter your own you’ll need to hop over to the challenge post HERE and leave your story in the comment section. Voting is on Thursday. Here is my take:

He didn’t think it needed saying.


Foundling – a Six Word Story

The foundlings were lost; caged collateral.


This week Wonderwall posted a Six Word Story Challenge,Prompt Word: Foundling.

New Challenge!

My friend Kirst at Kirst Writes along with her fellow blogger at Wonderwall have a new Six Word Story Challenge. Check this week’s challenge out HERE and vote for your favorites, or leave a story of your own. This week’s prompt word: Magic. Here’s my take:

Ironically, magic condemned its accused practitioners.


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