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The Untied States of ‘Merica (No, it’s Not a Typo)

Photo by Ottavio at Pixabay.com

The Untied States of ‘Merica (No, it’s Not a Typo)

I don’t think you’re evil, I don’t
misguided, blind, naive perhaps
and I’ll just say it, I am hurt
to learn the things that you believe

when did the rock-a-bye bough break
I don’t think you’re evil, I don’t
when did we cross that great divide
where no one wins and wrong is right

I’m not sure how to fix this mess
not sure that we should even try
I don’t think you’re evil, i don’t
but you, but we, are different now

and I suppose it’s for the best
we’re not the first to meet this fate
when ideology meets hate
I don’t think you’re evil, I don’t

(A Quatern)

Goddess Cry – Magnetic Poetry

goddess cry

I am not pleased by
the repulsive, delirious show
of mean, bitter men in suits
driven by lust as they
heave death and crush the
dreams of girls aching
to be mothers…NO…
my blood boils red hot


Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit

Lament of the Least

Photo from Pixabay.com

the least of all, the least of these
these who scrape and toil for bread
bread to quench the hunger pangs
pangs of madness in their heads

heads that swirl with lies and fear
fear of what they do not know
know that when the Piper comes
comes he reaping what they’ve sowed

sowed the wrath of powerful greed
greed for what was never theirs
theirs to take, to spoil and use
use without a passing care

care for those who toil for bread
bread, day old, crumbs to sustain
sustain the lavish lusts of men
Men in power who use the least for gain

kat – 18 February 2017
(A Loop Poem)

Dazzling Wildness

Women’s March 21 January 2017- Roanoke, VA

remember that you are
dazzlingly brilliant, wild
and ferocious, poetry and
magic…so let’s embrace
this life celebrating all
that is good and true.

~kat – 21 January 2017

Magnetic Poetry Saturday – The Poet Kit

Creep Race

privilege creeps in
to thwart have nots from having
one must rig the race

kat ~ 2 November 2016

A haiku for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, prompt words: Creep & Race. The original painting is public domain attributed to Martin van Meytens.

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