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Treat – a Haiku

By promising treats
man and beast with tricks comply
…or get off the pot!


I’m feeling plucky today. Have a great weekend. For Haiku Horizons weekly prompt: treat. Photo by cyberangel70 on Pixabay.com.


obstinate castle
stone rook girded by tears


For Haiku Horizons Weekly Challenge, prompt word, Castle

Mist – a Haiku

haunting trills
phantoms in the mist
loons at dawn


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word, Mist. Photo by StockSnap at Pixabay, digitally enhanced by K. Myrman.

Fall ~ Haiku

cool autumn breezes
fading leaves drift, falling
gently letting go


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word, fall.

Coins – a Haiku

Photo by werner22brigette at Pixabay.com

coins in a fountain
pennies bearing hopes and dreams
tossed and forgotten


For Haiku Horizon’s Haiku Challenge, prompt word: Coin.

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