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the glass

Would you say the glass

is half empty or half full? Most

days I am happy that there

is anything in my glass! Empty

is not ambiguous; there is no

parsing half or full, it’s nonsense

to those living on empty, if

you could call it empty, because

everyone knows you can’t

possibly be expected to weigh in

when your own coffers are

dry. This is not living, but

surviving, struggling, meting

out drop by drop to make

a little, last longer. Empty

I see their blank stares

as they shuffle by, when

I look in the mirror, on the edge

of hope…Teetering there,

hanging by a thread, I doubt

they have given the half empty

half full idea much thought,

not that they should. You need

to have a glass, to give a damn

when those who do don’t.




the hatchlings were just three days
old when the storm came, a tempest
that downed trees, swelled creeks,
cresting river banks and dams, poor
phoebe babies, it was too much, too
soon, the eave above their nest too
narrow to protect them, their parents
helpless to intervene…to dust they have
returned, before their first flight, the flutter,
the cool lift of air beneath their wings…
nature is magnificent, but it can seem
cruel, life goes on, scavengers are fed,
the nest abandoned, no time to mourn…

it was only a few days passing before
the bonded phoebe pair surveyed a safer
nesting place, slopping mud-dipped moss,
twigs and grass on a back porch lamp,
days of primping, packing, pruning to
try again, heeding the call of instinct, the
cycle of life, of death, of life, to welcome
a new brood of hatchlings into the harsh,
beautiful, magnificent world where nature
provides and takes away with drops of
rain…at least for today, the sun is shining


A glimpse into life in the Blue Ridge foothills. I’m spending a lot more time here sheltering in with nature surrounding me. Most days I love it, the sunrises and sunsets, the wildlife, birdsong and spectacular greening, this, my first spring here. And then there are times when the bough breaks…it reminds me of my own fragility. A time to be born and a time to die. What happens in between, the moments are there to inspire me if I’m paying attention. Peace ♾


i’m seeing red
a brilliant cardinal
in a juniper tree
perhaps a loved one from
beyond has come to visit me,
tidings of good fortune about
to come my way…what’s this!
more brilliant red, a ruby
capped woodpecker hops
from tree to tree grounding
me; what say you my rowdy
friend? be kind but cautious,
head in the heavens, feet
firmly planted, adapt to
the changing tide, go with
the gentle flow, yes!
i am seeing red


While sitting outside I was visited by two magnificent birds. The cardinal and the woodpecker. I decided to see what these two symbolized in legend and lore. This is what I found:

The Cardinal

The number 12 is considered a lucky number by many Native Americans. The number 12 also is associated with the cardinal. … Native American lore holds that if you have encountered a cardinal, expect good luck to follow, possibly in 12 hours, 12 days, or at noon or midnight.

Symbolic signs appear in many forms, but the red cardinal has long been embraced as the most notable spiritual messenger who has been sent by our loved ones in Heaven to watch over us. To this day, red cardinals are one of the most common spiritual signs that people receive from Heaven. The word cardinal comes from the Latin word cardo which means hinge. The cardinal is serving as the hinge on the doorway between Earth and Spirit, delivering messages back and forth.

The Woodpecker

The woodpecker meaning encourages you to strike a balance between being kind and being cautious. It symbolizes the need to understand different rhythms, patterns, and cycles, and to do your best to adapt to them and flourish. It represents warnings and prophecies, and the need to be connected with the earth.

Woodpecker symbolism is letting you know that it is time to pay attention because an opportunity is has come knocking along with it. In other words, the Woodpecker meaning is signaling you that significant changes are happening in your life. Therefore, it is up to you to seize the moment. Whether it is the renewal of an old project, the finishing of a new project, or a serendipitous meeting with someone in your life, get busy! Furthermore, whatever way you perceive it, this spirit animal insists that you must understand that the door is wide open for you right now and that success is yours for the asking.



everything is gray
the sky, heavy and wet, gray
the days blend together,
monday, thursday, saturday,
no weekends or beginnings
it doesn’t matter, the lines
are graying, like my hair, more
salt than pepper these days
is it stress or age catching
up with me, it doesn’t matter,
everything is gray…
makes me feel blue



i am like the wind, tracing
every curve of you, tossing
your hair, whispering
in your ear, swirling amidst
the embers to warm your skin
but it is those moments
when you breathe me in
holding me near your heart
that take my breath away


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