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wishing out loud

wishing out loud

i remember tripping over myself
to miss the crack in the sidewalk
just to save my mother’s back, and
i remember taking care not to walk
under ladders, or across the path of
black cats, i tossed specks of spilled salt over my shoulders (can’t remember if it was the right or
the left), knock on wood…did all
this and more because someone knew
someone who knew something
long ago, and said so, back then,
when wishing upon a star made
wishes a sure bet for coming true, oh the countless pennies i tossed into
fountains, wishing wells… i learned patience, waiting…and waiting,
hoping…waiting…waiting, i learned
not to wish for things, and that bad things happen no matter how hard
we tried to protect ourselves from it
wars, disease, malevolent strangers,
and other dangers, freckled faces
on milk cartons, innocence is
a fragile thing…how does anyone survive the loss of it or dare hope
for better or more, and yet
the sun rises and sets, we wake from
our slumber to birdsong and coffee
brewing, the crackling, salty, sweet aura of breakfast, and if we’re lucky
someone to share it with, or not, the
birds are good company, and the breeze…oh the breeze has many
secrets to tell, stories it heard from
the trees just over the hill, it’s okay,
i think to myself, that life doesn’t
always work out like i planned, okay
to settle for that second choice,
(sometimes, it turns out to be
the best choice)
this is what growing up feels like
and if you make it this far, there’s
a good
chance some of those long forgotten
wishes of yours have come true after all


Na/GloPoWriMo2022 Day 13 Prompt: Today, in honor of the potential luckiness of the number 13, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that, like the example poem here, joyfully states that “Everything is Going to Be Amazing.”

a big deal

a big deal

you should know that
it’s a really big deal, huge,
as a matter of fact, so pay
no mind to the small thinkers and
the shrinking violets who tell
you it’s not all that, and more,
who try to dissuade you from
aspiring to that really big thing
because it is a big thing and
you know it, even if nobody else
knows what it is, you know, and
that’s all that matters…so I’m
here to tell you, you’ve got this,
I’m proud of you, go for it,
don’t look back, but if you do,
you will see me right here cheering
you on, because it’s important to
you, a really big deal, huge
yep, just because of that


Na/GloPoWriMo2022 Day 11 Prompt: write a poem about a very large thing. 

Na/GloPoWriMo2022 – Weekend Wrap-up

Today you get a three-fer…Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s prompt responses. Not that i wasn’t writing each day but true to form, i wanted to give each offering its creative due. Happy Sunday!

Na/GloPoWriMo Day 8 prompt: name your alter-ego, and then describe him/her in detail. Then write in your alter-ego’s voice.

pure transparency
superpower revealed
truth is my weapon


Glo/NaPoWriMo 2022 Day 9 Prompt: write in a specific form – the nonet! A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second has eight, and so on until you get to the last line, which has just one syllable.

fishbowl in flux

when the snails passed away this week
the tetras dined on escargots
catfish came out of hiding
to clean the empty shell
nothing is wasted
life cycles on,
season’s change,


Na/GloPoWriMo 2022 Day 10 Prompt: write a love poem. 

thoughts of her

even now
after all these years
just the thought of her
ignites love’s embers,
the smoldering subtle tinge
of longing, yesteryear flashing in
excruciating, technicolored detail
sunlight glistening through the fine
hair on her bare skin, scent of
warm musk, soft bursts of breath,
melded, crescendoing to a sigh
that once upon a moment past
touches me so deeply
after all these years
even now


true story

true story

I had just logged out of my work computer,
sat down to watch a bit of mindless TV
while my dog’s tilapia baked in the oven.
Okay, yes I cook for my dogs.
Vet’s orders…though…
well that’s another story
it’s for my sweet Winston
who refuses to go out in the rain
to do his business without his raincoat
Winnie, who has a special blankie and
needs to be tucked in at night

anyhoo… where was I?

just finished work
got two trays of tilapia into the oven
fed the cats (don’t think i mentioned
that or the cats)
got Winston dressed in his raincoat so he could take a wee
plopped down on the recliner sofa in the den
turned on a movie
then THIS popped up on the big screen…
what follows next 
is the conversation i had
with some AI
beaming in via satellite
from a galaxy
far, far away
no doubt
just sayin’

been a rough week
only Tuesday, you say?
rough week
Wha’? Hall-low!

Something’s not quite right.
You’re telling me…wait!? How did you know?

Your receiver has not been reset in a while.
Well that would explain a few things. It’s been a few years, hasn’t it?
What with pandemics, government coups
(attempted, alleged, your everyday tour group gone amuck in DC),
inflation, wars, mass shootings, crazy people, two presidents
(well, one just thinks he’s still the president…and people believe him!)
mean, really nasty, hateful people,
I must say I don’t miss being out there
I don’t miss the office, the gossip,
the backbiting, the hour-long commute
i thought i was doing fine,
adjusting to isola…i mean solitude
but maybe it’s affected me
just a bit more

than i realized

To prevent your system from becoming unstable…
Hey! No need to get personal bud!

…and to ensure you have the latest programming and software updates….
great hook! i’m listening…
let me guess
three easy payments of $9.95,
free shipping and double this offer

so i can share it with…

…your receiver will be reset in 45 seconds.
Ha…wish it was that easy. You’re right. Something’s not quite right…

Most resets take less than 5 minutes.

well, i just spent 45 seconds in
a conversation with my television
i’m not sure 5 minutes is gonna cut it

think i’m gonna go unplug

the microwave
just in case

~kat 🤪

NaPoWriMo 2022 - Day 5 Prompt: write a poem about a mythical person or creature doing something unusual – or at least something that seems unusual in relation to that person/creature.

I had fun with this one. Don’t know if it’s a poem…or on topic, but i had fun! 😊

the wild sacred

Sun-painted Green Mountain as the crow flies at dawn -kat March 2022
the wild sacred

who can look at the sun at dawn or at dusk
and not feel it’s fire in your core
or sink your naked feet in cool loam
it’s tingling vibration, as you become
one with the she that is Her;
oh, the song of cicada’s stirs sensuous
longing; their slow rhythmic moan
to crescendoing climax to breathless
release…’sigh’…how indeed
the cacophony of spring birdsong at dawn,
their frenetic trill tweets
are passion’s love song
how could wild things be bedeviled as wrong
from the rush, ebb and flowing of waterways deep
to shallow streams bubbling, the brute power
of steam, the way wind-tossed leaves sound
like tempest-swelled seas
while the stars and the moon watch us drift
off to dream, to sleep, souls to keep
holy, holy, wild is the rawness of green
not sterile stone chapels with steel phallic spires
but darkness, musk hollows, mountains and
fire, how sacred is She, how wet with desire
the earth and the sky and a soft cooling breeze
can transport one to heaven on earth…

come with me

we’ll tip whistling kettle to cup,
watch the crushed tea leaves bleed
you’ll tell me your tales, and
i’ll tell you mine too,
while we sip from our cups
in this wild sacred place,
just us two


Just musings..no prompt or challenge save the magnificence surrounding me.  Some poetry is best just because. 😊

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