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42 Day 27

nothing to see on this overcast morn

the sunlight’s soft, muted, no shadows to swoon
no scampering squirrels, no birds on the wing

let’s happily linger between silken sheets
rhythmically purring, my predator sleeps,
blissful, not bothered as chickadees sing


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge, “42”.

Shame – 42 Day 26

what kind of monster

rips babies from their mothers,
asylum seekers; punishment for hope

liberty’s promise rots, dead,
behind walls, hate, it’s not safe
the monsters here are real


For Jane’s Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge. I read Jane’s poem today again after penning my own. It gives me hope. It is true that some parts of the world are becoming kinder. Not here. My poem reflects the polar opposite to Jane’s poem ‘Pride’. I am calling mine “Shame”.

I learned of a new border crossing practice instituted by our current leaders that is so heinous it makes me sick. (An article from the Houston Chronicle about this HERE.)

As a deterrent to asylum seekers, the border patrol is now separating children from parents. Then the children, some as young as 18 months are deemed “unaccompanied minors” and shuffled into a mismanaged foster system, making it difficult to reunite these families when the parents are released to be deported. These parents are not dangerous criminals smuggling over our border, mind you, but rather families who present themselves to border patrol authorities seeking asylum from horrendous conditions, and even the threat of death, in their own countries. For even thinking they might find safety here, they are rewarded with something even more horrible.

I am heartened by Jane’s happy “42” today. The sun is shining here too; birds are singing. I should be writing about that, but my heart is just not in it.

42 Day 20

what were you thinking

greatness is not
something to be made

on second thought
don’t tell me your thoughts
your actions speak louder


For Jane’s Daily Poem Challenge 42.

Lost Souls – 42 Day 19

more young souls, lost

shedding the burden of flesh
barely worn from living

victims of insanity
and obstinate hoarders
of self-serving entitlement

~kat 😢

For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem 42 Day 19. Today midst the joy of royal weddings and happy blogger gatherings, let us also remember that there are families mourning, their story dusted aside as yesterday’s news. And the insanity of my country rages on. 😊

Spathiphyllum – 42 Day 11


from amidst the lush

fair lover of dark places
a lily that is not a lily

flame-like spathe raised
in fickle surrender, peace
in season, ever fleeting


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge – 42 Day 11

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