Hot – Magnetic Poetry Saturday

Image 7-22-17 at 6.26 PM

the hot sun drives
our sweaty heads
mad…blood boiling,
tongues panting…
no rain to cool
us, no shade
to offer sweet
relief from
summer’s bitter

Image 7-22-17 at 6.27 PM

if poetry is the
breath of fools
then let me be
remembered for
the words of
my foolish

Image 7-22-17 at 6.28 PM

rhapsody in muted blue
make a wish upon a star
if believing could make
a thing come true
then power belongs to
the dreamer’s heart

Image 7-22-17 at 6.29 PM

there are blossoms
withering on the vine
a too hot sun
makes every living
thing secretly long
for summer to fall

Magnetic Poetry using Original, Poet, Love and Nature Kits by Kat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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