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Endsville ~ Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku

Is it Friday already? Actually I had hoped it was Friday days ago! It’s been a long week! But here we are with the calendar finally matching the day. And of course it is time again to peek at for today’s word of the day. Endsville. At first glance it sounds like no place I would like to be.

The entomology and definition of this word in cyberspace is quite scarce, which might make one think that it is a made up word…but then, aren’t all words made up by someone somewhere?

Here’s’s definition:

1. (sometimes lowercase) Slang. most wonderful or exciting: a rock band that was regarded as Endsville in the late fifties.

2. (sometimes lowercase) Slang. (of a location, circumstance, etc.) most isolated or undesirable.

Origin of Endsville

Endsville is an extension of the slang expression the end, meaning “the ultimate; the utmost of good or bad.” It entered English in the 1950s.

At any rate, my google search did reveal that endsville is the name of a rock band from the 1950’s, a movie, a poem, a sculpture, the title of a series of stories and a fictional place, as well as being an adjective. If I were going to make a word up, I think I might like it to mean a variety of things. How versatile this silly slang word is! Which of course calls for a silly haiku! 

Endsville ..The Haiku

To be the be all
or the endsville of a thing
lean toward the extreme!

kat ~ 24 June 2016

Take Heart

I rarely pull out my fancy camera anymore, since I always have my camera phone with me. Over the years I have taken many full moon shots later enhancing them to pick up on the aura of the moonglow  since my camera does not afford me the crisp view of the moon man’s face. 

I happened to catch the Strawberry Moon this month and did my usual digital renderings which, to my delight, revealed a heart-shaped moon! Some of you may know I love to find things heart-shaped…rocks, leaves, trees…so I thought nothing of it until a friend shared her own photo of the moon mentioning that it looked heart-shaped. Coincidence? 

Of course I mulled this thought around a bit…(you are now entering the twilight zone of my pinging brain…fair warning…😊) …we all know that the moon reflects what it sees. From our vantage point in the world things are pretty chaotic, scary and dark. But based on the moon’s reflection I can’t help but imagine that despite our calamitous state there is a strong undercurrent of love permeating the planet. So strong that it has the power to break the rigid circle we’ve drawn around ourselves to bend the moon’s reflective surface into a heart, reminding us perhaps, or at least reminding me, to take heart when I am sad or fearful. The most important thing, the only thing that saves us all is LOVE. Even in the darkness love waits to be found. 

And so I say to you too…take heart, remembering that LOVE never fails…

Hearts, hugs and kisses,


No Words – A Trilonnet 

For Jane Dougherty’s latest poetry challenge to write a Trilonnet beginning with the opening phrase, “the light is gone…”

Struggling this week to find the Muse midst overwhelming workplace drama and our nation’s polarizing rage. I think I might need to stop watching the news and reading company memos. Ignorance is bliss!

The light is gone, there are no words
as grief’s consuming shroud descends
and swelling tears cascade like rain

The reaper’s sickle sweeps again
more innocents will meet their end,
our vain laments will go unheard

the aftermath’s familiar dirge
as liberty clouds common sense,
unanswered why’s and how’s remain,

no consolation for the pain,
resigned there’ll be no recompense
for terrorism’s bloody scourge.

A consequence of apathy,
thus doomed to repeat history.

kat ~ 24 June 2016

Cactus Haiku

Got TJ’s Househild Hauku Challenge, prompt word: Cactus. (Confess in my eagerness to complete the challenge I missed the word Dry! So much so that I went the opposite direction! But here is my first take!) 

I read that the prickly pear variety of cactus are quite delicious. A legend of herbal folklore the prickly pear gained accolades for a number of medicinal applications including treatment for burns, indigestion, diarrhea, inflammation and ulcers, as well as new studies exploring their use in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. I have never tasted this delicacy, but I’m tempted to add it to my to-do list, noting one must be wary of its sharp spines in the harvesting! 

Surly succulents,
Prickly pears cure many ills
when ripe for pricking!

kat ~ 

Corporate Collateral



It’s like loosing one’s
footing, free
falling, breaching
the skin of a bottomless
abyss, plunging into
frigid nothingness, recoiling
against the smacking,
sting, limbs flailing, eyes
clenched shut, lungs
bursting, spinning, spiraling,
suspended in forced

there will most certainly be
casualties, necessary
collateral, reduced
redundancy, realigned
priorities, rendering of
irrelevant complexity
to satisfy some ravenous
bottom line, winners taking
all, where loyalty is
expected until
it’s not…

Some will surface quite unscathed
in safety nets of severance pay
some in self-survival mode
will find a way to stay afloat…
the rest will simply fade away
caught up in the undertow.

kat ~ 21 June 2016
(looks like it’s going to be another one of THOSE weeks…:/)

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