Endsville ~ Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku

Is it Friday already? Actually I had hoped it was Friday days ago! It’s been a long week! But here we are with the calendar finally matching the day. And of course it is time again to peek at dictionary.com for today’s word of the day. Endsville. At first glance it sounds like no place I would like to be.

The entomology and definition of this word in cyberspace is quite scarce, which might make one think that it is a made up word…but then, aren’t all words made up by someone somewhere?

Here’s dictionary.com’s definition:

1. (sometimes lowercase) Slang. most wonderful or exciting: a rock band that was regarded as Endsville in the late fifties.

2. (sometimes lowercase) Slang. (of a location, circumstance, etc.) most isolated or undesirable.

Origin of Endsville

Endsville is an extension of the slang expression the end, meaning “the ultimate; the utmost of good or bad.” It entered English in the 1950s.

At any rate, my google search did reveal that endsville is the name of a rock band from the 1950’s, a movie, a poem, a sculpture, the title of a series of stories and a fictional place, as well as being an adjective. If I were going to make a word up, I think I might like it to mean a variety of things. How versatile this silly slang word is! Which of course calls for a silly haiku! 

Endsville ..The Haiku

To be the be all
or the endsville of a thing
lean toward the extreme!

kat ~ 24 June 2016

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