Corporate Collateral



It’s like loosing one’s
footing, free
falling, breaching
the skin of a bottomless
abyss, plunging into
frigid nothingness, recoiling
against the smacking,
sting, limbs flailing, eyes
clenched shut, lungs
bursting, spinning, spiraling,
suspended in forced

there will most certainly be
casualties, necessary
collateral, reduced
redundancy, realigned
priorities, rendering of
irrelevant complexity
to satisfy some ravenous
bottom line, winners taking
all, where loyalty is
expected until
it’s not…

Some will surface quite unscathed
in safety nets of severance pay
some in self-survival mode
will find a way to stay afloat…
the rest will simply fade away
caught up in the undertow.

kat ~ 21 June 2016
(looks like it’s going to be another one of THOSE weeks…:/)

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