No Words – A Trilonnet 

For Jane Dougherty’s latest poetry challenge to write a Trilonnet beginning with the opening phrase, “the light is gone…”

Struggling this week to find the Muse midst overwhelming workplace drama and our nation’s polarizing rage. I think I might need to stop watching the news and reading company memos. Ignorance is bliss!

The light is gone, there are no words
as grief’s consuming shroud descends
and swelling tears cascade like rain

The reaper’s sickle sweeps again
more innocents will meet their end,
our vain laments will go unheard

the aftermath’s familiar dirge
as liberty clouds common sense,
unanswered why’s and how’s remain,

no consolation for the pain,
resigned there’ll be no recompense
for terrorism’s bloody scourge.

A consequence of apathy,
thus doomed to repeat history.

kat ~ 24 June 2016

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