Take Heart

I rarely pull out my fancy camera anymore, since I always have my camera phone with me. Over the years I have taken many full moon shots later enhancing them to pick up on the aura of the moonglow  since my camera does not afford me the crisp view of the moon man’s face. 

I happened to catch the Strawberry Moon this month and did my usual digital renderings which, to my delight, revealed a heart-shaped moon! Some of you may know I love to find things heart-shaped…rocks, leaves, trees…so I thought nothing of it until a friend shared her own photo of the moon mentioning that it looked heart-shaped. Coincidence? 

Of course I mulled this thought around a bit…(you are now entering the twilight zone of my pinging brain…fair warning…😊) …we all know that the moon reflects what it sees. From our vantage point in the world things are pretty chaotic, scary and dark. But based on the moon’s reflection I can’t help but imagine that despite our calamitous state there is a strong undercurrent of love permeating the planet. So strong that it has the power to break the rigid circle we’ve drawn around ourselves to bend the moon’s reflective surface into a heart, reminding us perhaps, or at least reminding me, to take heart when I am sad or fearful. The most important thing, the only thing that saves us all is LOVE. Even in the darkness love waits to be found. 

And so I say to you too…take heart, remembering that LOVE never fails…

Hearts, hugs and kisses,


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