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Chaos in Flux

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge based on this painting by Delaunay at The Museum of Modern Art in Paris, and the words earth and whirlwind.

whirlwinds and tempests
chaos rages, earth in flux
nature can’t be tamed


Sweet Well – A Haiku

water clear and sweet
sifts first through sludge and shale
welling cool and deep


For TJ’s Haiku Hub Poetry Challenge, prompt words, Sweet & Well.


Ancient dragon clans,
nested they, in great arch-trees.
Travelers beware!

For TJ’s Household Haiku, photo/word prompt. the words are Arch & Tree. In researching the words I discovered that mythical legends tell tales of dragons nested in the arch-trees, their dense limbs brushing the underside of heaven. So to illustrate, I added our friends to TJ’s awesome photograph for my haiku.

Drem Yol Lok (“peace fire sky” in Dragon speak. It means, “Greetings” and an acknowledgement of territory and temporary withholding of agression). You might want to familiarize yourself with that phrase should you find yourself in the presence of a dragon in the arch-trees! 🙂

Here’s TJ’s original photo for the prompt:

Fickle Spring

how fickle is spring…
one moment, she’s warm and bright
the next, cold as ice


For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge, prompt words, Spring & Cold.

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