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November Naani #29-30

The final two Naani poems for November. I have enjoyed this poetry form. It’s been a sleepy two days…a bit under the weather…but on the mend. Happy weekend!

still of night, waning moon
street lamps humming low
windows shaded, strobing blue
from televisions, glow

surrendering to sleep
dreamers close their eyes
whisp’ring prayers, their souls to keep
under a starry sky


November Naani #28

wish I could look away
live in blissful ignorance
shun burdens not my own
alas, I have a soul


November Naani #27

three score and two
summers, autumns, winters, springs,
a lifetime is short, as seasons go
winter is coming


November Naani #26

from horror, seeking haven,
they fled to America,
great land of the free,
but it was all smoke and tears


November Naani #25

they will return in the spring,
dormant leaves, wintering,
when the days grow longer,
dawn’s chorus erupting


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