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April Poetry Month ~ A Poem a Day #29

Day29! Oh my! I can hardly believe this month of poetry is soon ending. But oh, what a journey it has been! I have learned so much about poetry and form, syllables and rhyme.

Today’s form is a Threefer! Not one, not two even, but three poems wrapped neatly in one! I give you the Cleave Poem. This is an interesting form. There is no rhyme or syllable count to bother with. It can be long or short. The best way to describe it is to explain how one reads a cleave poem. Each line spans two columns. Column A is poem #1. Column B (which can be separated by a line or by the use of italic or bold formatting) is poem #2. And wait, you’re not finished yet! One more read across the entire line completes the trio with poem #3.

It can be a bit tricky to write. When choosing a topic, or two as it were, it works well if you choose opposite ideas or images. I have found that writing completely across for two or three lines helps get the ball rolling. Then you can finish one column, and then the other, tweaking it as you go, so it makes sense every which way!

I’m having a bit of fun with this. Can you tell? This form is one of my favorites!

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Fire and Ice

hungry licks smooth as glass
tongue red hot cold to the touch
sucking the air crystalline shards
to feed his longing once fluid and flowing
fierce and frenzied frozen 
all consuming as the cold wind whips
soon to fade stroking her surface
in sweet surrender sealing her skin
as dying embers pale and lifeless
turn to ash aching for warmth

kat ~29 April 2016


The groundhog may have forecasted an early Spring but Winter is having the final word!!!

Full Moon Glow

hides behind
snow laden clouds
painting the night sky
in crystalline
dabs of

kat ~ 23 January 2016

Ill-fated Ice Crystals – A Haiku


I couldn’t resist! Just one more Haiku for RonovanWrites’ challenge this week, inspired by the beautiful ill-fated ice crystals that form on my windshield each morning. I know I should pause and take in their loveliness, but I have a schedule to keep, so…

Alas, I admit to just a twinge of guilt. But we all have a dark side, don’t we?  I just never thought I could be so ruthless! TeeHee.  😉

Ill-fated Ice Crystals

Wretched ice crystals
you hope for admiration…
“Now meet your ‘Scraper’!”

kat ~ 12 January 2016

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