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‘tis not the specter,
dead and gone, that haunts my soul,
troubling my heart…
‘tis a living love, now lost,
our past drenched in cool regret

obsessed, I’m ruined
by each moment’s ecstasy
I cannot forget


A Tanka/Senryu combination for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge, prompt words Ghost (Specter) and Haunt.

Forever Bound

For Sacha’s “In 52 Words” challenge. This week’s prompt to tell the story of why the room pictured here is empty. But here’s the thing, it is not empty. At least not for Lara…

Photo from Pinterest

Lara was forever bound to this place, condemned, inhabitable, its walls blistering from having witnessed unspeakable atrocities.

The sight of her gray, lifeless eyes, limbs tied with rope to a four-poster, haunted those who found her there.

In life, she had always loved this room. Some souls find heaven in hell’s corridors.

(52 Words, No More, No Less)

Opiate Mem’ries – A Triolet

©Marta Shmatava

Photo Credit: ©Marta Shmatava

The mem’ry of that autumn night
still haunts her dreams these many years
she fills her veins with opiates
the mem’ry of that autumn night
and cries for him through groggy tears
but death has closed his ears to hear
the mem’ry of that autumn night
still haunts her dreams these many years.

~kat – 3 February 2016

A Triolet (new poetry form for me) inspired by the painting above by ©Marta Shmatava in response to Jane Dougherty’s weekly poetry challenge. If you would like to try your hand at a triolet or read other takes on this prompt, click HERE.

(A Triolet is and Eight line stanza/Eight beats to the line. The first line is the refrain and is repeated as the fourth and the seventh line. The second line is repeated as the eighth line so the first and last couplets are the same. The rhyme scheme is ABaAabAB. The capitals denote repeated lines.)

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