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the year spring never came

the year spring never came

if we had paid attention to the signs that long, wet
winter, we might have known that spring would never
come, even though nature took her cues from the
moon and sun, as remnants of frosting melted and gentle
rain drenched the dormant soil, seeds sprouted toward
the warmth, toward the light; soon clusters of creeping
buttercups, henbits, chickweed, wild violets, dandelions
and daffodils lulled us into believing that it was
spring, but I tell you, spring never came that year,
the world stopped spinning, life stopped living as
we peered at each other from across alley ways and live
chat screens, winter held fast as the reaper jumped
season mowing us down with his sickle, a harvest
of untouchables, legions of them stacked floor to
ceiling on ice, mourners left with nothing to show
for their sorrow…no, spring never came that year,
summer too, lost her luster to empty streets, abandoned
subways, beaches, and empty watering holes where
masked ghosts hurried about never mingling, mercifully
autumn stepped in bidding us to let go, let go, let go, let go…
as another winter loomed darker still, no mention of spring


For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 30: write a poem about something that returns.

Accidental Cat Lady – NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 29

Accidental Cat Lady

I need to remind you, Matilda my dear

it was you who chose me in late May of last year,

delivering four kittens underneath my old house.

I couldn’t just leave you like some heartless louse.

I rescued you, fed you, found everyone homes.

Now safe from the streets you are, never to roam.

But since you have joined my cat family, now six

you still run and hide, when I’m too close, you hiss!

It’s clear I’m your servant, there’s no doubting that,

slaving away while you sleep and grow fat!

Would it kill you, Matilda, to trust me a bit,

bring your feral butt over and let me love it?

I need to remind you, Matilda my dear

you chose well with me, you have nothing to fear.


I am a reluctant cat lady. I never planned to have SIX cats, but Matilda decided differently when she had her kittens under my front porch! We rescued two boys and a girl ( the white trio above) straight away. The boys mercifully are thriving with another family. The runt, our Frankie is growing like a weed! Matilda and her one all black kitten, Schrodinger, so named because he and his mum eluded capture for over a month, were on the lam long enough to develop a feral attitude! I’m happy to say that after a year they are just now allowing me to touch them lightly, briefly. Baby steps, consistency and a lot of patience is paying off! That makes three new kittens added to my aging brood, Casey (marble/white Tonkinese kitty, age 16), Sebastian (fluffy gray and white, age 18) and his brother Merlin (black and white, tuxedo coat, age 18). I didn’t plan to be a cat lady. But what’s a lover of creatures great and small to do?!

For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 29: write a paean to the stalwart hero of your household: your pet.

grotto dweller – NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 28

grotto dweller


of peat,


of evergreen

subtle hint of musk

golden sunlight streaming

here, a wide-eyed girl could dream

in solitary blissfulness

this place where faerie folk assembled

where the muse was e’er so near

I spent hours listening

to whispers on the breeze

bumblebees, birdsong,

leaves, a-flutter,

in this place

my heart



For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 28; Describe a bedroom from your past in a series of descriptive paragraphs or a poem. It could be your childhood room, your grandmother’s room, a college dormitory or another significant space from your life.

it doesn’t make me a bad person…NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 27

it doesn’t make me a bad person…

what some call guilty pleasures, I have done without a thought
day long movie marathons, in pj’s, eating chocolat
I’ll have dessert, even if it tips the scales a tad
no tinge of guilt, no remorse; I refuse to feel bad

who made the rules that said I couldn’t have a taste of cake
thank you but no thanks I’ll be regifting that crass keepsake
oh don’t be such a wuss, you know, I know you’ve done it too
I set the phone on mute and screen the calls as they come through

hit the snooze and hunker down, sleeping in ’til after noon
put off to the last minute things, then lie they’ll be done soon
before you dare to judge me and chastise me for my flaws
its fair that I remind you none of this is set in law

pleasures stolen now and then won’t send a soul to hell
lightening up a bit might be a good thing, who can tell?
if a thing makes you feel guilty, remember you are free
indulge yourself, no regrets, and embrace your joie de vivre!


A review of my so-called flaws for today’s NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 27: write a poetic review of something that isn’t normally reviewed. For example, your mother-in-law, the moon, or the year 2020 (I think many of us have some thoughts on that one!)

Postcard from Here – NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 26

(A snapshot of the gloaming from my front porch. If you can’t be here, this is the next best thing. Be sure your sound is turned on!)

Postcard from Here

how I wish that you were here
to watch the sunset with me
lull of night song in the air
under the hickory tree
we would talk for hours on end
over cups of jasmine tea
solve the world’s ills and then
retire to sleep, to dream

how I wish that you were here
to glimpse the sun’s first light
streaming through the junipers
it is such a lovely sight
with the mountains all around
scent of blossoms on the breeze
songbirds’ happy trills, the sound
of wind whistling through the trees

how I wish that you were here
to watch the sunset with me
to glimpse the sun’s first light
under the hickory tree


For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo Challenge Day 26: Fill out, in five minutes or less, the following “Almanac Questionnaire.” Then, use your responses as to basis for a poem.

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