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Florescence – Day 30

there’s a calming hush
at dawn before the rush,
sparkling vistas, green lush, fragrant air


For Jane…Florescence Month was a fun! Thanks for taking the lead and introducing this new poetry form for us to enjoy. I will definitely keep the florescence in my bag of tricks for when I need a fun little poem form. I can’t leave without just one more florescence. I’ll be watching to see if you come up with a short form for May. 😉

Today is bittersweet…
though this task is complete
florescence month was neat…on to May!

Florescence Day 29

grey squirrel in a tree
perched above happily,
just below, cats roam free seeking prey


For Jane’s Daily Florescence Poem Challenge…29 and counting down to the last one tomorrow. It’s been fun. I like this form Jane. Thanks for conjuring it. 😊 Happy Sunday!

Florescence Day 28

days to full, the pink moon,
but already tides swoon
sucking sand from the dunes, swept away


For Jane’s Daily Florescence Challenge. This month’s moon isn’t full until tomorrow, but I’m feeling its effects already…or maybe it’s just me…though my dog Winston is feeling it too…he told me so…and the tides, well, need I say more? They’re swooning. I’m sure of it. 😉

Florescence Day 27

daisy, I see you there
watching, that black-eyed stare
don’t think I’m unaware…just crazy

~kat 😜

For Jane’s Daily Florescence Challenge.

Florescence Day 26

Stigma, wet with nectar,
anther spore seducer,
c’est le sweet spot d’une fleur, ooh-la-la!


A wave of spring fever is making the rounds! A spicy florescence poem for Jane’s challenge today. Happy Thursday! 😉

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