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Florescence Day 25


Time for a cute kitten photo…I’m so…so…over it.

I’m weary of the lies
of fake news, of fact guise
where most anything flies, pigs and crime


Every so often I need to vent…today for instance. And I’m tired of writing about the weather and the flowers. Here then is Florescence Day 25 for Jane’s Daily Florescence challenge. Taking a deep breath in…now out. I feel a bit better now. 😉

Florescence Day 24

let’s stop this lunacy
simplify, that’s the key
live life, let other’s be, no regrets


For Jane’s Daily Florescence Challenge. Work has been particularly grueling today. No frills; no pretty pictures.  I did manage to cough this poem out during my grub and go, desktop lunch break. Writing is what keeps me sane after all.  Tomorrow is another day. 🙂

Florescence Day 23

i’m warming to the gray
of these damp, dreary days
perfect for inside play and nap time


For Jane’s Daily Florescent Poem Challenge. Another gray rainy day here in the valley. 🙂

Florescence Day 21

bonsai, Chinese elm tree
roots planted, shallowly
soil, pebbles, and peat, micro-sized


For Jane’s Day 21 Florescence. A few hours late. Was traveling today.

Florescence Day 20

dogwood trees are in bloom
petals, bright, chase the gloom
though stormy clouds may loom, life is good


Florescence Day 20 for Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poetry Challenge. Today a look up the street of my neighborhood…at the dogwood blooming. My favorite tree along with the Magnolia. Have a happy Friday everyone!

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