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Fear of Falling

156-05-may-15th-2016“Will you PLEASE get off the floor Sarah!?”

“I’m good. Really! How much longer?”

“We’re almost there. But you’re missing the view. If you could just slide up onto the seat…”

“Nope! I told you, I’m good. Take pictures.”

It was not going the way Nick envisioned it. The banner was coming into view on the hillside. Everyone could see it. Everyone, that is, but Sarah, whose fear of heights had sent her into a panic.

Frustrated, Nick took a photo on his phone, then dropped to the floor where Sarah sat with her arms wrapped around her knees.

He held the phone for her to see.

“Will you Marry Me, Sarah?” the banner said.

Sarah looked at the phone, at Nick, and then at the other passengers, whose faces were beaming with anticipation. When she looked back at Nick, he was holding a ring in his other hand.

She shook her head. “I hate you, you know! But yes…YES! I will marry you!” Everyone cheered!

Nick smiled, holding her close as he leaned in whispering, “I guess this means my idea to exchange our vows in a hot air balloon is a bust…”

kat  ~ 18 May 2016
(194 Words)

Flash Fiction for Sunday’s Photo Fiction Challenge prompted by the photo above. To read more click HERE.

Wafflestompers – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku


Happy Friday!

Well…here’s a word for you…WAFFLESTOMPERS! Today’s dictionary.com word of the day hails to us from 1970’s Americana.

This late middle-aging flower child of the 70’s must admit, I have never heard this word before. It could be that I spent most of the 70’s barefooted; tripping through fields of daisy’s chasing butterflies…or it may be my insane fear of heights! Either way, it is no wonder I never had a need for a pair of wafflestompers!

But given that it is today’s word of the day…and a very high-in-syllable word at that…I shall do my best, despite my obvious inexperience, to render the wafflestomper its proper homage in a contrived haiku. Three lines, syllables 5-7-5…anything but profound with a touch of thesaurus mischief!  Have a great weekend folks!


Intrepid trekkers
don high-top wafflestompers
To reach a climax.

kat ~ 15 April 2016

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