it’s elemental

(a five-part Magnetic Poetry poem using the Nature kit) 

it’s elemental

if i was the wind
i would breathe through you
murmuring sweet poetry and
gently toss your hair
only to hear you sigh

if i was the rain
I would sweeten your
garden with lovely wetness
only to see you grow wild
and verdant, glistening in the sun

if i was the earth
brown and fertile beneath you
i would make a soft bed of
thick moss in the cool dark
so you can rest your soul
when this world is too much

if i was the sun
i would blanket you
in warmth, in pure love,
from dawn to dusk and
even through the night,
the moon shining bright

in wind and rain, earth
and fiery sun, always
know that i am here
gently loving you with
all that i am


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