You Can Call Me Terry

“Geologists have a saying – rocks remember.” ~Neil Armstrong

Photo by Β© CEAyr

“Hello there.”

“What?! Who said that? Who’s there?!”

“I’m down here.”

“But, you’re a rock!”

“That’s right! My name is Terrance A. Cotta, the 1003rd, but you can call me Terry…get it? Sheesh! Humans are so dense!”

“I’m going crazy!”

“Oh, get over yourself! You and I are made of the same stuff you know. You’re just mucilaginous. I was once a mountain. I soared so high I danced with the clouds.”

“Mucilaginous? What’s that mean? Never mind. I’m outa here!”

“Oh well, off you go then. But I could tell you things, if you’d listen. I could tell you things…”


100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Story Challenge prompted by the photo above by CEAyr.

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