heart shift

Merlin invading space! ❤️
heart shift

even the tiniest of souls,
when they leave a space,
may impart a void so deep
and wide; though we may
try to fill it with memories,
stories long forgotten that
manifest, consuming our
thoughts, spilling out like balm
to comfort us in the emptiness,
that strange hush of one less
heartbeat, one less breath,
one less voice to fill the
hollow air surrounding us,
even the tiniest of souls,
once having touched our
hearts, never cease moving
us, though their physical
presence may dim, never
to return, it is then we realize
that they will never truly be
gone, because they became
a part of us, oh so very long
ago, and the emptiness we
feel is our own heart skipping
a beat, adjusting to the shift
that fondness of heart, and great
love in absentia, knows so well,
the bitter and the sweet


Taking a moment to wrap myself in grief over the loss of our very senior 21 year old gentleman cat, Merlin…may he rest in peace. Merlin 2001-2022

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