early morn in the month of june
took i, my first deep breath of air
first born with blue eyes, golden hair
under a waning quarter moon
to all things magical attuned
i was a strange one some would say
a solitary to this day
who feels in color, sees in sound
deeply connected to the ground
beneath my feet, one with the clay


Na/GloPoWriMo 2022 - Day 29 Prompt: write a poem in which you muse on the gifts you received at birth — whether they are actual presents, like a teddy bear, or talents – like a good singing voice – or circumstances – like a kind older brother, as well as a “curse” you’ve lived with (your grandmother’s insistence on giving you a new and completely creepy porcelain doll for every birthday, a bad singing voice, etc.).

For today’s challenge, a Décima: Décima poems—also called la décima, décima espinela, or simply espinela—are poetic verses or song lyrics consisting of a single four-line stanza followed by four 10-line stanzas with eight syllables per line. The rhyme scheme of each 10-line stanzas follows the pattern ABBAACCDDC. The nature of a décima can be philosophical, religious, lyrical, political, satirical, critical, or humorous.

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