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restaurants and movie theaters consider
me a senior, rewarding my longevity
with fifty cents or so, might as well be
two cents, though I don’t need yours
or anyone’s opinion these days when
everyone has one, clinging to it like
truth. opinion is not truth, that’s my
two cents. take it or leave it. but I digress,
back to my status, senior, elderly, of a
certain age, labels that feel odd considering
the forever greenness of my mind, of my
perception, clouded by smoke and mirrors
that taunt me, body softening, surrendering
to gravity, hair thinning, my gait pensive,
cautious, slowing, my eyes amplified by
thickening glass, I remember when I
considered sixty-four, ancient, one foot
in the grave, out of touch, out of time, silly
me when I was young, invincible, carefree,
I don’t feel invincible these days, but
I don’t fear the inevitable either, just
calm, a certain peace, and grace, oodles
of grace that surrounds me like a lazy
river weaving round and round with me
floating on top of the waves, gazing at
the tree tops, backlit by blue, that sway
overhead, though I’m soon to be plucked
from the current, I’m ready whenever,
but for now I’m breathing, the air is
sweet and my heart is full, so very full


Monday Musings on this chilly Autumn day, just days from the U.S. celebration of Thanksgiving, which will be a bit different for many of us this year. Peace all.

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