April Poetry Month – A Poem a Day #28

Today I am exploring the Reverse Poem. A Reverse Poem is a freeform verse. The masters of this form write lines and lines…I feel lucky to have pulled out 14! Here’s the definition: Reverse poetry is a poem that can be read forwards one way and have a meaning, but also be read backwards and have another different meaning. A type of ‘reverse‘ writing is called a palindrome. Palindrome comes from the Greek words “palin” (again or back) and “dramein” (to run).

As you can imagine it’s a bit tricky. I have seen other variations of this type of poem, the Palindrome (which is a mirror image poem with a break in between) and a form that some of you have tried this week from a NaPoWriMo Poetry challenge that prompted you to write a poem backwards (which also should be read from the bottom up). The Reverse Poem should be read top to bottom and then bottom to top and should have two different meanings. At any rate, here’s my try…I know this is another form that will take a bit of practice to master.


Falling In and Out and In Love

I think
I love you
like the very first time
I heard your voice
my heart fluttered and
I caught you watching me
as you looked away, blushing
something changed
I’m not sure when it was, but
you don’t look at me
you hardly speak anymore and
I should tell you
I don’t think
I love you

kat ~28 April 2016

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