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Veggie Medley Ciabatta Sandwiches

My transition to embrace a vegetarian diet (while also converting other members of my household) has been a wonderful introduction to the world of vegetables and an exercise in simplicity!  The possibilities, I am finding are endless and satisfying.

I prepared this recipe using a variety of ingredients that I had on hand. It was a huge hit! So I am recording it for the future reference. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed! 😊

The Ingredients:

8 Individual Ciabatta Rolls
16 Slices Muenster Cheese

Slice the following in julienne strips:
One Vidalia Sweet Onion
Two Green Peppers
One Dozen Medium-Sized Portabello Mushrooms
One Dozen Small Sweet Peppers
1 tsp Salt
1 TBS Granulated Garlic
2 TBS Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
3 TBS Olive Oil

In a large skillet or wok toss the vegetable strips, salt, garlic and hot sauce in olive oil until they are tender. Meanwhile, slice the ciabatta rolls and place each half open-faced on a baking sheet. Top each with a slice of muenster cheese and bake in a 350 degree oven until the cheese is melted. Assemble each sandwich while the cheese bread is still hot (right out of the oven).

The leftover filling keeps well in the ‘frig for a few days. You’ll get about 8 hearty sandwiches from this recipe.

Enjoy!!! 😊

Stilled Life

Photo Credit: Graham Lawrence

Distant onlookers might imagine her canvas to be awash in strokes of subtle greens and vibrant reds. Bouquets of lush roses captured in still life. It makes perfect sense to assume such a thing. 

But a closer inspection reveals the stunning portrait of a fragile doe-eyed child. 

I have heard she comes here regularly to paint her face again and again, here in her favorite place. 

How she loved this garden. How she adored the sweet fragrance of roses! 

She likes to remember her here, each brush stroke of oil recalling the beautiful moments of a life too soon stilled.

kat ~ 27 September 2015
(100 Words)

100 Word Story in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) weekly challenge. To see more stories click HERE.

Sunday Week in Review – 27 September 2015

It’s that time of the week again! Time to take a few moments to reflect on the ramblings of my monkey-brained mind, and to collect a favorite line from each post to create a collective poem for the week.

Can I just say…I LOVE LOVE LOVE this week’s retrospective verse!!!! Wow! 🙂  Soooo…without further delay, here is a look back!

She wasn’t late.
On some hunter’s wall,
Some say she was as crazy as the cuckoo birds swirling around her long gray locks of hair.
(Life between Parentheses)
pungent, fragrant gold-red death,
scatterings of molecules, a spectrum of prismatic twists, refracted rays,
Brazen spectacles
In truth, it was drama, not death, she craved most.
Wow! I didn’t see that coming!
People are a lot like raindrops,
don’t you think?

…and with that I wish you all peace and safe landings in the coming week. Thanks for stopping by. 😊 Be sure to make a wish under tonight’s full moon eclipse. You never know. It just might come true! 🙂

kat ~ 27 September 2015

like raindrops

It is subtly poignant,
the drip-dribble, pitter-pats
of fat rain droplets ‘midst
a hissing wind-blustered,
drenching downpour. A symphony
of soloists, some tinkling softly,
others plopping boisterously,
all playing a part in the wild
wet cacophony, lulling me
into meditative reflection…
People are a lot like raindrops,
don’t you think? Our deepest
longing, simply to be heard.

~ kat 26 September 2015

Surprise…A Six Word Story

My take on Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s latest Six Word Story Promt...”Surprise”…

Wow! I didn’t see that coming!

kat – 26 September 2015

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