the dark forest

the dark forest

as the days grow longer,
trees burst, dense and green,
the forest floor grows dark
nights, though shorter, darker still
moon and stars hidden beyond
the arboreal canopy, even on
cloudless evenings; of course
I wouldn’t know…is it dawn
or dusk or midday? it’s hard to tell
here in the woods where sweltering
days are cool and damp, where
squirrels leave remnants of hickory
shells and millipedes slither through
decaying leaves, where trees dance
in the breeze, mimicking the sound of
waves crashing into the seashore, where
woodpecker’s wild calls echo from
the heights, where crows cackle, cowbirds
cluck and mourning doves coo from
the shadows, and bright red cardinals
perch nearby, messengers from beyond
assuring us all is well, all is well


Taking a break today from the brevity of micro poetry. Isn’t this time of year breathtaking?! My senses are waking up from slumber…just had to pause to take it all in! 🌷

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