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Rain Shivers

shivering timbres,
shrill cicada crescendos
swell like rain droplets

rain puddle tripping
giddy twirls beneath wet arches
blue goose-bump shivers

misty afterglow
shivering twisted limbs wilt
in rain-drenched hollows


For TJ’s Haiku Hub Challenge inspired by his mystical photo above and the prompt words, shiver and rain.

Brrrr…my Buddy! 

My Sun Conure , Mr. Bean, celebrating “Talk Like A Pirate Day” last year!

“Shiver Me Timbers!”
his mate Polly squawked on repeat…
“Avast!” old Jack cried!

No truer friend, she,
Willing to shiver, huddled
With me, ice fishing.

Their friendship was true
Growing deeper into love,
Two hearts a-flutter.

kat ~ 28 March 2016

A few Haiku for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge…prompt words: Friend & Shiver. Read other Haiku or enter  your own HERE.

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