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polyglots who bang out
drivel otiosely credit
the muse


A cinquain for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Synonyms Only. Prompt words: Ghost: wordsmith, polyglot, bang out, and Hollow: Pecksniffian, scratch.

Enchanting Shapes – Tanka Tuesday

silhouettes dance
in the cool misty brume
bewitching shadows fade into
the void


A Cinquain for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge, Synonyms Only, prompt words: Enchant (bewitch) & Shape (silhouette, shadow).

Shape-Shifter ~ a Haiku

“closet” by Kat Myrman

shape-shifting shadows
rouse rumbles of deep-rooted fear
though light hovers near

kat ~ 17 October 2016

For Haiku Horizon’s Haiku Challenge, prompt word: “Shape”.

For the Jung of Heart

Dark side of my soul
Embodying all I am
My shadow knows…me.

kat ~ 2 July 2016

A Haiku for TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge prompt: “Shadow”. 

Her Shadow Looms – A Triolet

For Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge this week. The prompts are the painting you see here by Munch and the words: winding – moonlight – follow – heavily – path. The theme is “moonlight”. I chose to do a triolet for this challenge. i was able to use all the promp words but one…follow (but it is implied…:)) To read other poems visit Jane’s blog HERE

Moonlight along the winding path
where heavily her shadow looms
leads to the place she saw him last,
moonlight along the winding path,
her dreams of love left in the past
when she was young and flowers bloomed,
moonlight along the winding path
where heavily her shadow looms.

kat ~ 28 April 2016

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