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revolution’s call,
vicissitude’s avidity,
a dreamer’s longing…
metamorphosis happens
when faint hearts become fearless


For Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge using synonyms only if the prompt words:

Ambition: dream, longing, desideratum, avidity Change: metamorphosis, revolution, vicissitude.

Hearts of Stone

Hidden ‘midst a sea of stones
metamorphosis complete
formed of clay and sand and bone
Love’s reminder at our feet.

Metamorphosis complete
broken, chiseled, crystallized
Love’s reminder at our feet
heart-shaped, so to tempt our eyes.

Broken, chiseled, crystallized
centuries of harsh abuse
heart-shaped, so to tempt our eyes
revelations of the truth.

Centuries of harsh abuse,
grace assurance, sins atoned
revelations of the truth
sweet perfection set in stone.

Grace assurance, sins atoned
Love’s reminder at our feet
sweet perfection set in stone
metamorphosis complete.

kat ~ 14 May 2016
(A Pantoum Poem)

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